Entry #2

laggy 3d problem!

2007-08-05 14:21:56 by Dillxn

I don't know what I am going to do, laggy 3d is DEFINITELY going to be over 10 mb. :( By they way it is AWESOME So if you have any ideas about getting a flash game over 10mb on here with toms permission please tell me! Here is an updated picture of it!

laggy 3d problem!


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2007-09-02 14:25:31

cant wait till my site is done


2007-09-21 15:35:14

yo its almost done


2007-10-02 18:17:34

How dose I compress?


2007-11-15 18:22:33

you could break it up into pieces if you can't get Tom's permission...


2007-11-16 17:05:50

I sure don't hope you fall for fred-heintz's scam. Anyway, send it to Tom. With 10 MB, it better be good. Also remember to make anything ingame into symbols, compress the audio, etc.


2008-01-05 20:09:52



2008-04-05 13:56:54

1337 king


2011-07-23 20:53:07

I could host for you untill you get tom permission to upload it but you would have to make a loader or you could put it in your Dumping grounds to host it and make a loader shell to let the flash load it from you host.